Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tawakkol Karman (March 22, 2014) (Feminist Paper Doll Project 2014)

March 22, 2014 
Tawakkol Karman

Tawakkol Karman is the founded of Women Journalists Without Chains, a pro-democracy organization that advocates medias skills and fights for human rights. She was named the "Mother of the Revolution" for her coordination of the Arab Spring Peaceful Protests in Yemen in 2011.

She was instrumental in rooting out corruption in the Yemeni government and is an advocate for women's rights through the cooperation of all genders working to create open and stable democratic societies.

Please listen to her speech here at the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Concert (She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011):

Another speech from December 10, 2011 (World Peace Day) can be heard here:

And the Noble Women's Initiative biography of Tawakkol Karman can be seen here:

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