Friday, August 8, 2014

Gathering and other works at Frank Brockman Gallery

I have a handful of paintings up at Frank Brockman Gallery (68 Maine Street, Second and Third Floor, Brunswick Maine (USA)).  A few of them are from the Dr. Goodweather's Dreaming Attic show.  They just stuck around and another is been waiting for the right time to make it's way  into the gallery.  This evening (August 8, 2014) is the Second Friday Art Walk here in Brunswick Maine.  There will be roving musicians and little pop-up galleries and I think a play in the mall by the big Gazebo...

I will be there with my white wig and red kimono and black box.  Say hello to me if you see me.  The spiders in my hair only look scary.

media water media on paper

Thoth's Sister
mixed water media and pastel on paper

Pink Deer
mixed water media and pastel on paper

Bird Boys
mixed water media, pastel and collage on paper
The following two pieces are usually at Frank's as he likes them.  They move around from place to place in the gallery.  

Harvey and his Lollipop
watercolor and ink on paper

The things that bind us are immaterial
mixed water media and pastel on paper

Stop by and see Frank at 68 Maine Street, Second and Third Floor, Brunswick Maine (USA).  You'll be glad you did.  He will be glad as well.  He's a nice guy.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The power of "please"...

 I have treats in that black box.  
Standing silently, I will bow if smiled at or someone says hello.  
By asking "what is in the box?" the questioner can then open the box.  

Inside are treats: I won't tell you because you'll have to ask me to see when you see me ;)

Some of the items in the box are for sale. 
Some are for you to just take. 

And SOME require a simple word to receive them: please.  

This is the sign for it:

I will ask you to say please in sign. The obligation is for you to say please back.  However it is that please is asked in your mother tongue.