Boigraphical Notes and Such

Bridget McAlonan was born in the shadow of tritium stream rising from the Second Sun Nuclear Reactor in South Jersey (the 51st State). The small town of Alloway in which she grew up in hosted an annual Halloween Parade replete with rednecks wielding chainsaws swinging noose-bound from a rusted-out carousel. This town also happened to sit on the thickest, greasiest clay that was Mother Nature’s answer to hiding nuclear waste. They do, still to this day, grow really lovely tomatoes.

She attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA and realized there that most people didn’t witness frozen horse carcass races as a young child. These images did not make their way into McAlonan’s paintings at this point in her life. She did however begin at this point to experiment with painting on a very large scale with watercolors. Her affection towards watercolors continues to this day. Also, her husband wandered into her life around this time and she has affection towards him as well, still.

After obtaining her BFA, she wandered out to Seattle, Washington. She managed to eek out a Master’s in Education from Antioch University while understanding that Seattle was “The Land of The Lotus Eaters.” She made no art work of which she was really cognizant, although she did make a really excellent person.

One day she packed up the house, sold it in 6 hours and trucked the whole shebang back to the East Coast. She lives on the edge of the woods in Maine on a piece of pretty nice dirt (though not as greasy as her natal soil) with the husband and the person she made (with the husband’s help…(heh…that was fun)) and a whole mess of domesticated mammals and one fish. She works at a rape crisis center as an educator. One of her cats brings her rodent hearts and she resists placing them in glass jars. She does however walk barefoot in the mud. She continues makes delicate artwork…delicate like brick wrapped in a lace doily.

If you would like to purchase some of her artworks, then you have some options:
  • Inventing Trees is also a shop on bits and such are available there.

  • You could also send a message.  She doesn't bite. (well, mostly she doesn't.)