Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brain Babies

I am currently beginning work on a new endeavor that will merge my love of teaching with my need to make art: The Psychic Puppet Story Hour. This "thing" will be a Internet radio show on the Maine Radio Project. It is also a blog that will house images from the radio show along with polls, links to book stores, libraries, toy banks, local (wherever local is as described by listeners) and all that jazz, AND the show read list.
I don't have a time slot yet but will very soon. So please stay tuned and give me your feedback. I'd love to make this "thing" a good thing for everybody.

Drawing to the end...

October is drawing to an end and so is my show at Blue in Portland. Temporary Sanity is comprised of prints, collages, drawing and paintings that I have completed over the past several years. Blue is a great little local bar that offers an intimate setting to see and hear local artists. Stop by Blue if you are in the area.
And if you do stop by to see the last days of my show and you are interested in the images and need to have them for you very own, let me know because they would probably like to go home with you as well. And I promise that they are all house broken. Well, maybe not the Toad Mother or the Cyclops drawing. (The Toad Mother piddles in your hand if she is handled in a rough fashion (perhaps from too much joy) and the Cyclops has issues of perception.)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New work begun on Cat Collective Uprising series...

In order to placate the kitties, I began work on the second part of the Cats with Bombs series. As is proper, the Tuxedo cat has stepped up to the roll as the flying ace.

The Scottish Fold as the juggernaut is most logical.

And I am sorry but I can only show you a glimpse of what will be the spy...

I am working out the drawing for the paratrooper and the ninja so maybe stay tuned. The cutting of the plates will begin soon and inking and printing soon to follow. In the meantime, feed your kitties tuna or else they might begin an uprising!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cat Collective Uprising: The Assemblages

The Cat Collective Uprising: The Siamese (Bomb Creation Specialist)
Assemblage (brass alarm clock, whiskey nip, wire, metal piping, sardine can, twine, etching mounted to plexi glass)
approx size: 8" x 19"

The Cat Collective Uprising: The Manx (Psychic Celtic Warrior)
Assemblage (mirror shards, plexi glass, plastic prism viewer, etching mounted to plexi glass)
approx size: 19" x 8"

The Cat Collective Uprising: The Veteran Tabby (Ground Forces Division)
Assemblage (shell casings, plexi glass, mouse trap, etching mounted to plexi glass)
approx size: 8" x 16"

The Cat Collective Uprising: The Tabby Cadet (Ground Forces Division)
Assemblage (Plastic army men, wire, shell casings, sardine and anchovy cans, etching mounted to plexi glass)
approx size: 11" x 15"