Thursday, March 13, 2014

Diane Rehm (March 13, 2014) (Feminist Paper Doll Project 2013)

March 13, 2014
Diane Rehm

Diane Rehm is a currently a talk show host on WAMU that broadcasts to NPR. She has been working public radio for the past 43 years. Her voice although shaking (literally) pushes for understanding and broad answers. On her national talk show, The Diane Rehm Show she can often be heard pressing guest to "help us to understand." She does not tolerate mean spirited comments and encourages both guests and listeners-callers to speak from what they know so that we can all learn gain a more holistic knowledge base.

She is both the center of controversy (recently on the Republican attack on Federal Funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting) as well as the recipient of many awards including the 2003 Montgomery County Chapter of the National Organization for Women's Susan B. Anthony Award, honoring her advocacy of women's right in the community.

More at her own website:

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