Friday, February 18, 2011

Drawings for February 2011: Friday the 18th

I made a person just shy of 11 years ago. At her birth, she appeared to be a pretty well crafted person. Everything was in the proper location. She responded to stimuli in the proper fashion. (Although after wriggling out of that tight opening, she was kinda tired and I think the whole concept of gravity without fluid and breathing air kinda made her confused.)
At any rate, she'll be 11 in the summer and she doesn't appear to be just a well crafted person. She is in fact a top rate human being. She is compassionate, curious, creative, intelligent and a whole mess of other adjectives describing wonderfulness.
Anyway, today she is home sick. She has been complaining about being sick all day as she really did want to go to school. She had other things to do as well she told me. She hates being sick. I don't like when she is sick, either. But I get a moment to take care of her...another moment when she needs me to rub her head and make her feel better. The kinda "feel better" that can be solved with tea and ginger ale and cozy blankets and rest. It is sick days like these when I brace myself for the days when the "help me feel betters" are the results of broken hearts and other pains that are more difficult to spot. But I think hot tea and cozy blankets help those as well.
So do kind words.
ahhh, kind words go very far indeed.

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