Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Drawings for February 2011: 15: Breakfast for a Fine Friend

So many of the drawings that I have done so far for this series have been requests. Simple requests, funny requests, requests as dares.
Some of the things I have been asked to draw are meaningful although they seem simple.
My other work is as an educator at a rape crisis center. That work, the crux of the work involves teaching non-violence. As such I have the privilege of working with some very amazing people. One of those people asked for a waffle with butter and powdered sugar. She requested this last week and I must confess that I didn't quite get it. Then she told me the "why."
So, I really don't care if you don't like this drawing. (I do care but not in a deep profound way...) I like it, this drawing. I like what it means and the story that I was told. I hope that the requester likes it. I'll redo it for her.
And if you have ideas, I'd gladly listen to your story as well.

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