Saturday, February 19, 2011

Details of "What Happens to Babydolls Here..."

beginnings of most recent in the series

The last drawing of the day for January 2011 was a drawing of one of the co-joined babydolls that I made for the Holiday Window display at the Sylvia Kania Gallery. I rather enjoyed both making the dolls and drawing them. Their shape was interesting and offered enough to keep my attention. (My daughter wanted the dolls at first. Then after having them in her room for about an hour decided that they were too creepy to keep anywhere near her sleeping quarters.)
Thus far four images (paintings on paper) exist of these guys in addition to the original first drawing. The images here are works in process. Stay tuned for the finished images and perhaps where they will be on view.

detail of babyhead

image of all three arms

detail of babyheads

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