Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dawings for February 2011: the day before the last left us BROODING...

I met for sushi and photos with an artist friend and her partner and my family.  It was a lovely time involving toy cars, fake mustaches and raw fish.  Also hot tea.
I also met with my cousin, her daughter and her friend at a chain pizza place that caters to children and has way to much stimuli.  (My cousin's daughter was a lovely little creature amped up on sugar and concentrated mommy time.  I am sure my subconscious sucked up lots of ideas for drawing from her presence!  Also, I would love to spend more time with my cousin as she is a very wonderful person.  But these bits don't matter to the massive factiod I have yet to unleash!...)
In between (and this is the part that matters to viewers of Inventing Trees even/especially in South Korea) I got new pencils: 10 Mars Lumograph HB, 4 Mars Lumograph 2B and 2 Mars Lumograph 8B.  I also snagged some paper but that is inconsequential.  It is the pencils that matter.  Joy is measured in Mars Lumograph HB pencils.  If the world ended and I was left with ample food, my family and a lifetime supply of Mars Lumograph pencils, I would be good.  Granted, that would be A LOT of pencils as there would be nothing else to do but draw.  But I would be alright with that scenario as well.
Good night and I hope you dream of something that gives you joy.

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