Saturday, January 5, 2013

Reoccurring Dream: Dinosaurs in the Basement

There are dinosaurs living under my house.  In the basement.

But the basement is not really a basement.  It is a whole other house, in Florida. But it is under my house and the basement.  And there are dinosaur living down there.

They have a colony set up.  I watch them from the stairs.  They have termite-like mounds set up in the corners of the rooms.  They are tall adobe structures that mingle with the wicker furniture.  It is warm and I cannot account for the full streams of sunlight that billow into the windows.  This is the basement and it is nighttime in the winter.  Why is the basement in Florida?

The dinosaurs actively ignore me.  They speak in a mix of Russian and French.  I can only understand pointed words that they exaggerate seemingly on purpose in my presence.  They say that I am not supposed to be they.  They can't understand why I keep jumping on their roof.  Also, they say, there should not be snow in July in Florida.  The ice that I track and dump on their roof is leaking into their walls.  It threatens to wash away their adobe structures.

I climb back up the basement stairs.  In my living room, winter has settled in.  It is cold.  It is night.  I am kept awake by the dinosaur party in my basement.

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