Sunday, January 20, 2013

Loving life more than Monsanto

January 20, 2013
Found Object: an empty licorice candy box left on the kitchen table
Words of the Day: Biophilia and Atrophy
Yesterday, my husband had to go into Portland to get books for class.  My daughter didn't want to go.  She wanted instead to curl up on the couch (that was pulled out to the full sized bed) and draw.  She wanted nothing to do with the outside world.  Snuggling- that was her objective.

I wanted to get out of the house.  I had a romantic idea that leaving the house would be fun.  So my husband and I left the dog in charge and wandered out.  We went to the bookstore, the art store and Trader Joe's.  We realized upon getting to the highway that our daughter had the right idea in staying home.

We encountered numerous jerky drivers on our trek down 295.  Upon pulling into the bookstore parking lot, some guy who was banging a u-turn in the parking lot almost plowed into our car...then yelled at us for pulling to an open parking spot that he was using as a turn around.

The art store was non-eventful save for the 8 year old boy that I thought was pocketing drawing pencils.  I'm not sure if he was or not.  His parents seemed completely tuned out to what was going on with him.  This of course is my perception.  I after all left a 110 pound Maine Black Dog in charge of a 12 year old girls.  Who am I to judge?

Trader Joe's was gross.  We went because a friend had been talking about the fake good and plenty licorice candy coated candies that were really good.  We wanted some.  And a sandwich.  Maybe a cheap bottle of wine.  Blurg.

The parking lot was a mad house.  No spots and people zooming in when other folks had been waiting for the empty spots.  Gross.

The store was packed and we both questioned why we were there.  Nothing was any better than the local grocery store near our house.  Yeah, we got the candy and some saffron.  But everything else was over priced and the store was filled with people.  Perhaps because Saturdays before football playoff games are mad houses filled with ravenous people filling their huge carts with stuff- meat and chips and meat and beer and chips and cheese and bread and soda and candy and meat.

Maybe.  I don't know.

My daughter had the right idea.  But the candy was good.  And I love saffron rice.  I'll go out into the greenhouse soon and grab some kale to make rice and greens for dinner.

The box the candy came in is what I used to make today's image.  I question where exactly the organic produce sold at TJ's comes from.  There is so much local food grown right near my house all year long, I usually don't bother with "organic."  I can meet the farmers and see how much they love their plants and livestock.  They care and put effort and commitment into their food produce.

This is the best candy.

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