Saturday, January 19, 2013

Itchin' to boast about fightin'

January 17, 2013
Found Objects: a flattened rusty bottle cap and a white feather
Thing I lost: a brand new .07 black inking pen
Word of the Day: Impish

January 18, 2013
Found Object: One of the schools I was at today was having "Fresh Fruit Friday" and I was given a banana. I ate it and I didn't feel like saving the peel to place on this drawing. Also I ate about 5 oranges and another banana. No objects to display. You'll have to trust me.
Word of the day: Accolade

January 19, 2013
Found object: word fragment talking about Marlon Brando.
Word of the day: Bellicose (I think appropriate with the Brando thing and a little dog.)

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