Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of the year bits...

 I am trying to work on several things at once today in the studio and not really succeeding at any of them.  My mind is scattered and I don't want to focus.

I have been cutting out choice phrases from a trashy novel for the narrative for my Sketchbook Project piece.  Always an amusing thing to do.  Now to place them into the pages of my drawings.

I have 32 small pieces of paper prepped for my Fun-A-Day.  I intend to create small assemblages with a daily found object and an illustration of the nexus of a word a day and that found object.  We'll see what comes of it.

Currently, the follow three paintings are occupying my studio walls.   They are mixed media pieces using pastel, watercolor, graphite and acrylic paint on paper.  I have a fourth paper waiting to have an image ready to go as well.
Exorcising some Demons
Mixed Media on Paper
22" x 30"
The Heiress (Work in Progress)
Mixed Media on Paper
22" x 30"
The Heart is a Fluttering Bird
Mixed Media on Paper
30" x  44"
Here's to hoping that the new year will be a productive and happy one.  I'll be sending Monday evening painting and dancing with my sweetie hoping that it will seep into the deep recesses of 2013.

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