Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Words like daggers (progression drawing February 2013)

February 20, 2013
Pencil, pen and ink, collage
 Art is often a call and response even if one is talking to one's self.  These pieces represent a conversation I had with myself.  The book I have been using in my collages is "Hollywood Wives" by Jackie Collins.  I didn't read it before I began using it to make art.  But currently when I cut pages, I read chunks of it.  Collins has a lovely mastery of word phrases that makes me perhaps, want to read the book for real. These word phrases sometimes propel the drawings.

For example, the progression drawing piece started with an open mouth with teeth. The portion of the book I collaged onto the piece was very visceral and talked about domination and suppression...specifically about a man who raped women.  The open mouth became a moth open with rage and anger.

The piece became quite cathartic for me.  But I needed to wrap myself back up.  The drawing below did that for me.  The little girl in the drawing is protected with information and intelligence and space.  She knows the danger is out there.  But she is well insulated from it...and able to grow and become with what she has.

Books not Bombs
pen and ink

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