Monday, February 11, 2013

Blue after Blizzard (Progression Drawing 2013)

February 10, 2013
pencil, coffee, colored pencil

February 11, 2013
pencil, watercolor, coffee
paper was rotated  to horizontal referent

Blue after Blizzard
watercolor on paper
16" x 16"

So we had a blizzard here on Saturday.  No big deal.  I like having a reason to stay home.  But here's the big deal in my world: the blue sky on Sunday (the day after the blizzard).  WOW!  This blue is my favorite color hands down.  And it was all over the sky.  Beauty strung out above my head.  LOVE!

Also, the massive amounts of snow made all the sunshine on Sunday bounce even more into my house.  This made all my houseplants happy.  So what do I paint after a blizzard?  ...a creature with many eyes gazing out from her cozy plants into that gorgeous blue...  Snowy landscapes are overdone after all.

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