Thursday, July 19, 2012

Processing Information

Making art unfortunately doesn't pay the bills.  And staying in the studio day after day can be isolating for an introvert like me (YES!  I am an introvert!).  It is these two reasons plus my love of teaching that means that I have a day job otherwise known as "work work."  I do love this job that I have.  I get to be rather creative, create (hopefully) positive change in my community and maintain a flexibility of mind in my work tasks. 

However, this does not negate the fact that drawing is my true love.   It is on my mind always.  It also helps me to stay focused during meetings.  If I need to remember a crucial bit of information then I will write down.  But the feel of the pen on the page usually leads my hand to start drawing almost unconsciously.  I remember the conversations and the topics discussed during the meeting and often sometimes the drawings that I create are surreally connected to the topics.

Here are drawings from 3 different meetings that I have in my legal pad.  Enjoy.

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