Monday, July 16, 2012

Paper Dolls, Gardenpainting, and galleries...

On February 1, I posted about needing to continue with the paper dolls until they ran their course.  I feel like that project ended in May.  I am happy that I did it for as long as I did and I am happy that it is done.  Making the dolls on a daily basis was exhausting and while I do believe it informed my graphic work, it did not allow me time to paint or draw on the scale that I like to.

If you'd like to see the paper doll project without having to swim through this blog, it will be available at Inventing Dolls.

For now I have been very busy with my garden and with painting. Oh and finding a new gallery...

On June 30, Sylvia Kania Gallery closed after running as a cooperative, artist centered gallery in Portland Maine.  I joined in October of 2008 (?) and it was a very wonderful creative home for all those years.  The connections that I was able to make with fellow local artists has been incredibly valuable to my personal and artistic life.  

Just recently I travelled to Rockport to meet the owner of The Yellow House Gallery, an artist owned, local outsider art focused gallery.  This place is lovely!  Two of my Babydoll paintings are living there currently and the Feminist Paper Doll series from March 2012 will be shown there in August...

For the month of July, I have two shows up just steps away from each other in Brunswick Maine.  The first is at Gelato Fiasco where my trees and some new plants are on view.  The second show is a viewing of my bird paintings up at Frank Brockman Gallery (68 Maine Street in Brunswick Maine). 

In the meanwhile, my summer is filled with gardening, painting, wandering off to the beach and watching stars with my fabulous husband and our marvelous daughter.  Life is sweet if you make it thus.

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