Saturday, June 16, 2012

Return from the Paperdoll Hiatus and Works in Progress

June 16, 2012
After a much needed break from the paperdoll a day project, I am returning to making them.  I'd love feedback on subjects for these dolls.  Please email me your ideas or leave them in the comment section.  If I use your idea I'll give you credit.  The doll idea for today is from Rosemary C, who in addition to being a family friend from New Jersey attended art school with me in Philadelphia.

Mule (WIP)
The images above and below are two larger paintings that I am currently working on in the studio.  I feel like I have a split personality when I think about them.  Mule is close to complete and is very sparse and simple.  Goat with Fishes is a completely different story.  This painting feels "ugly" to me but I am compelled to be near it.  While Mule is only watercolor on En Tout Cas paper, Goat with Fishes is seems to be every media I have on my work table on bits of salvage paper.  Stay tuned.

Goat with Fish (WIP)

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