Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birds and Other Ponderings

My favorite aunt called me “Bird” as a child (still does in fact).  Perhaps this alone is not enough reason to create the amount of bird related imagery that I do, but this is the reason that always pops into my head.

Regardless of the reason, I make a lot of birds.  Real birds that I have actually seen outside.  Imaginary birds that flutter into my dreams.  Birds that demand to be perched on the page.

This grouping of works on view at Gelato Fiasco is about a sense of humor in art as well.  The goose painting is of the African Goose that my father had on his farm in New Jersey.  He named this goose Zeus.  Zeus the Goose.  I often put jokes and puns in my art wherever I can. I hope you enjoy them if you find them.  More importantly, I hope you enjoy my art.

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