Monday, July 26, 2010

Inner Life and Monsters

Not all the monsters that live in our minds are the bad kind. Some of the monsters stand guard watching over the small, innocent bits of our psyche. Some have just only barely begun to form and therefore lack completion.

(There are fables in which the artist draws wonders and the wonders leap from the page including the dragons which consume the entire kingdom. My monsters are safely tucked away in the realm beyond the veil of white paper as I have left bits of them undone...on purpose.)

Some of my monsters and musings that were (usually) born during the time between paintings of trees are on view from July 26 to August 23 at Guacho's Portland Maine location. Guacho's is a very sleek Brazilian steak house that serves both a lunch and dinner. It is reasonably priced. However, please don't let the venue of restaurant turn you away from viewing the work. You can let the hostess know that you'd like to look at the art work. The staff at Guacho's is quite lovely and your request will be granted.
Also all the artwork is for sale. The prices on the walls are not fixed, merely suggestions...
(Funny thing about artists who sell their work...often they just want it sold because storing is an issue. Indeed, most artists often make horrible sales people. Perhaps if art is the children that come out of our heads like a strange Jupiter, the idea of selling them is odd. We just want our babies to live in good homes. ah, bah...)
Works will be placed on my etsy site after the show comes down if that makes purchasing easier for you. Or contact me...I barter, trade and otherwise negotiate.

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