Friday, June 4, 2010


and the days ran on forever. we had no idea that the time was pinching closed around us. we didn't ever think to look down into the bag to see that it was exhausting. but it was and we were. that's the short of it.

when it did finally end we were left standing in the bright glaring light on the bleached out sidewalk of reality. hot summer sun pounding down on our dark hair making our head throb. cicadas hummed and buzzed and we were left there, sweating.

if we had a clue then...

oh shut up we had plenty of clues. we could have just looked into the bag. we could have eaten more slowly. we could have grown up. then we wouldn't be here.

but we were having such a lovely time. there was always music and dancing and...

i said shut up. i don't want to hear any more of this. look, i'm going over there. i think there is shade there and maybe we won't die as quickly over there under that tree. you can come with me if you want.

i don't think i want to face death more slowly.

that's not what i meant. we're not going to die, at least not right now. it's too hot here and the sun is relentless. just come sit down over there with me so that i can figure this all out.

do you have anything left? just a bit more, maybe?

no but...


come on. that won't do. and it won't get you anymore. not out here.

The figures move off into the distance, the smaller stouter one supporting the tall willowy one.

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