Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Confrontational Octopus and Other Creatures

I began working on the images for Sealife's Revenge before the Gulf Oil Spill. My thoughts were more on the humor of the phrase "tourist season." What if all the non-humans knew when their areas would be inundated with people and that fact would lead to boon-times of food. The non-humans are probably well aware of when we will be in their space but currently do not go after us as food (for the most part) as we have claws and teeth that are to sharp.
Yellow Octopus
mixed media on panel

And we are crazy. Better to just steer clear of the insanity that risk injury.
Except that when they attempt to steer clear, we move into their old spaces.

Carp Fish
watercolor and graphite on paper

Apparently, we missed the lessons on sharing...

mxed media on panel

If you are in and about Portland Maine during the month of July, please check out my show "Sealife's Revenge" at Dock Fore (a little bar in Portland's Old Port- 336 Fore Street). Also 25% of the profits from the sale of this artwork will go to Louisiana Wildlife Rehabilitators Association .

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