Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sealife's Revenge

Sealife's Revenge is a recent series of artworks with a oceanic feel that imagines a world with giant octopi, starfish and mermaids. In a world with no long pork allowed ever, even during tourist season, these paintings, etchings and assemblages use humor to see the world from the sea creature's perspective and give them a victory, albeit currently fictitious.
The etching Fast Food involves allows jellyfish to catch submarines who dare to swim in sacred hunting grounds.
In Subs for Dinner an octopus couple plans to dine on a captured sub once it is dragged into the couples abode.

Dining Out imagines a starfish colony taking up residence on the Bug Light in Portland.
In addition, I have included several mixed media paintings that focus on the beauty of aquatic invertebrates. Sealife's Revenge will show at Dock Fore in Portland, Maine during the month of July 2010.
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