Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hold your arm like this and don't move

Black Hen White Cat (work in progress)
watercolor on paper
42" x 42"
 I am tired and I don't want to work tonight.  I'm not sleepy tired.  Just wanna hide under the covers and make everybody go away tired.  I don't wanna deal.

I dreampt that there was an ark in my backyard.  My husband snuck it in sometime in the day or year before.  Apparently I didn't notice the 200 foot long and 150 foot tall boat in my garden.  He hid it using old furniture that piled up the sides.  Once the furniture was moved away, there was the boat.

The boat is unfinished.  It's just a haul.  Large timbers intersect and swoop down the jut up.  Trash occupies that place between where the furniture used to be.

Because of the boat, my chickens have taken to living up in a large oak tree.  There is a tree fort up there and they roost in the leaf bare branches, waiting for the summer to come back.  They ask me why I am so silly as not to notice the boat.
Stop crying they tell me.
One day my ship will come in, too, they say.
The chickens tell me there is only so much I can worry about and a large unfinished boat is not one of those things.
note from meeting on 11/6/13
note from meeting on 11/6/13

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