Sunday, September 9, 2012

Working: In the Studio and beyond

 Yesterday, I spent the day working in my studio.  The morning was windy and clouds rolled in and out offering excellent albeit fluctuating lighting.  I was able to start painting on Antoinette Gasmask.

 Today I was at the Five Rivers Art Alliance Family Art and Science Festival.  I worked with Sebastian Meade from Acts of Random Art to promote the Snail Mail Event and help folks make some art postcards.

We ended up being situated in the Imaginarium Tent where the wood scrape creation table was.  Our set up was in perfect company!
I am an evil mother and drug my daughter and her friend to the festival.  I think they had fun and were good sports and made some cool art (shown below).  The weather which was feisty yesterday, was cooperative today.

 This family has fun stamping, drawing and gluing.  Before making art with us they had visited the face painting tent.  The young sir in the striped shirt was a skunk!

 Some budding artists making wood scrap sculptures...

 My daughter's collage...yes, she is her mother's daughter.
 My collage doodle today...
A drawing that my daughter's friend made that really creeped me out.  I asked her to hide it.  But secretly I like it.

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