Friday, August 31, 2012

Making problems only to create solutions...

This doesn't look like much, does it?  Art in process is often boring to observers.  I make art because I am trying to figure things out.  I make problems for myself on the page and then create solutions.  Sometimes.

Sometimes, I make things simply to shock (not to often anymore) and sometimes I make art to watch the paint dry.  Sometimes.

Those things up in the photo are the raw material for collage postcards.  As soon as they dry, they will be trimmed to the size of the index card, flipped over to the text side and I will add elements to the page.  Simple.

Usually, I make the little collages for play...for shits and giggles.  That is their prime purpose: to entertain me. Truthfully, though cutting out images and playing around helps me think about the problems I create for myself on my larger, more "serious" paintings.

The secondary purpose of the little collages is to send them out in the Snail Mail Event.  This is a lovely little way to send art (mail) out to folks, receive mail and perhaps build a little art collection.  Also, it supports the USPS which I personally think is a very cool thing.

Finally, the creator of the Snail Mail Event, The Actor of Random Art, will be at the Five River Arts Alliance Arts and Science Festival on September 9 (Sunday) to host a table on creating recycled collage postcards.  In addition to our gig, there will be lots of other art, music, maybe food and hopefully fun.  Oh and there will be AND science.

Would you like a postcard?  Comment below, send your address deets to bridget3000(at)live(dot)com, and maybe share this blog with someone you like.


This happy child collage will fly off to someone else tomorrow...

8 little collages drying on the board...

Fox boy  

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