Saturday, August 18, 2012

Embellishing my Uterus: The Uterus Flag Project

My flag waiting for me to work on it...
Social Media and Networking can be a good thing...Such is the case with this link to the Uterus Flag Project.  I can't remember which spool of thread I unraveled in order to find my way to Terrilyn's project but I glad I followed it.  

I love the United States Postal Service...I'll plug the Snail Mail Event later...

Terrilyn writes: "I chose the symbol of a flag, thinking of Tibetan prayer flags, and the way they carry messages and prayers on the wind." 

Opting in to this project is as simple as sending Terrilyn a message asking to join.  Then she sends a beautiful little package.  The package contains a shear piece of cloth with a uterus painted on it.  She also encloses a bunch of thread which serves as merely a suggestion.  Terrilyn states that :

The Uterus Project is a profound body of work that allows me to share my creativity and my social concerns regarding the overmedicalization of women and include others in the art process...My mission is educating through the power of art integrating the ideals of feminism to change the consciousness about women's health.

Terrilyn includes simple embroidery techniques in her package and some gentle encouragement. Simply put the flag can be embellished as the artist chooses.  All genders are invited to participate.  

And today on the 92nd anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote, I think thinking about healthy, educated and happy uterii is a good way to celebrate. (In addition to exercising one's right to vote by electing folks who will work for the good of the WHOLE community, who are inclusive, and who recognize that differences of opinion are part of a healthy democracy.) 

My flag in the embroidery hoop.

Green Spiral Ovary bead surrounded by red and amber beads with green and red thread...

Beads hoping to be sewn into my flag.
My flag almost done...

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