Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dancing with cultural norms

March 24, 2012
Andrea Smith
 "The focus on building autonomous power does not imply separatism. In fact, this model of radical women of color organizing is not simply based on a narrow politics of identity but more on a set of political practices designed to eliminate the interlocking systems of oppression based on heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism and colonialism—a vision that is liberating for all peoples. Unlike the demobilizing reformism of the mainstream women’s movement, this organizing is about asserting power and taking responsibility for transforming the world." (Andrea Smith)

March 25, 2012
Carmen Amaya

Choosing to create a fluidity between masculine and feminine traits of flamenco dancing, "Carmen Amaya created a deeply personal style of dance that was so individual and this along with her manly image and legs ...of steel became her trademark. She revolutionized female flamenco dance and broke many of the rules and traditions of the old style dance, and there were, therefore, those who criticized her non-conformist style."

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