Monday, January 2, 2012

Delicate: body Weary

So, my Drawing a Day 2011 was hung yesterday at the Sylvia Kania Gallery.  I wanted to hang all 378 drawings that officially made it into the project BUT there was not enough wall space in the gallery.  We (we being my wonderful and amazing husband and our lovely and cheeky daughter... oh and me) did get to place 365 drawings on the wall with any mulligans placed behind the formal day.  For me seeing a year's worth of work and thoughts fill a room was awesome (in the true sense of that word).  
My daughter pointed out that the days that I felt unwell could be found by the quality of the line in the drawing.  She sussed out that I normally have a continuous but rather fine line when I feel well.  Sick days and days of being overwhelmed were evident by a harsh, thick rather careless line.  
My use of color also ebbed and waned throughout the year.  Longer periods of time off of my other work (violence prevention educator) were times when my drawings were able to get complicated within that 30 minute time frame.

The new year will not stop the project, though.  Just segment it into yearly sections.  My drawings continue as do other art making.  In fact, I think I want my current project of a paperdoll a day to continue on for beyond the month of January 2012.  But stay tuned on that one.  We'll have to see if the duties of domestic goddess and chief barf cleaner allow it on a daily yearly basis.
Paperdoll January 2, 2012

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  1. Congratulations on hanging this display of your work this past year. I am looking forward to seeing it all together.