Monday, October 17, 2011


Sometimes I make drawings that seep into my dreams.  Sometimes these become nightmares.   This is what happened from the drawings that I made on October 8 and 9. 

In particular, the tutu wearing cyclops clobbered my psyche.  I think the dream dealt with the processes of making and unmaking.  Verbalizing it, the dream and the feelings doesn't do it.  It sounds silly when I say it out loud.  And the story/dream/nightmare I had seems just oddly surreal when I read over it.  This is true of all dreams maybe.  I did wake up crying from the dreams on these nights.

Since the drawings haunted me so, I pulled them out into the round.  The cyclops wearing a tutu seems much less harmful and imposing when he is a little doll.  He seems sad and a little pathetic.  I felt sorry for him so I made him friends.  He doesn't wade into my dreams currently.  I will continue to populate his world and perhaps listen to the stories that they whisper.

My husband called me Lilith this morning when I showed him my new creatures.  And as he said it he smiled and pulled me close, smelling my hair.  He is definitely (thankfully) no "Adam."

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