Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lou Xiaoyang: March 4, 2015: Feminist Paper Doll Project 2015

Lou Xiaoyang

In 1972, Lou Xiaoyang found an abandoned infant in the rubbish heap she was pulling recyclable materials from.  She brought the child home and thus began over 40 years of rescuing and caring for unwanted children.

This story has been used by both sides on the abortion debate to prove their own points.  I am personally pro-choice as I believe that we should give women the ability to control when they do and when they don't get pregnant.  I also believe that a society should help to care for the most vulnerable of our society.  What enrages me about the anti-choice folks is their seemingly lack of concern for the fruits of those pregnancies they so desperately want to control.   Lou Xiaoyang is beyond this debate: she sees the children cast off and cares for them.  The end.

Stephen Hawkings said recently that our doom as a species is not from heavenly bodies falling on us or nuclear winter.  Our doom is our aggression and our lack of empathy.  We seem to only have compassion when it is convenient.  Lou Xiaoyang  was a rubbish collector.  Her compassion and empathy were given to those who needed even though she could have probably used some her ownself. 

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