Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dr. Goodweather's Dreaming Attic moves to Brunswick

Dr. Goodweather's Dreaming Attic
Postcard image by Abbeth Russel

For Immediate Release:
Dr. Goodweather's Dreaming Attic
 Frank Brockman Gallery
68 Maine St. #3, Brunswick, ME
Friday, July 11, 2014
5pm to 8pm
For three hours in June you will have the chance to slip into a world of dreams crafted just for you by some of Southern Maine's most surreal and innovative painters, sculptors, musicians, video artists, and creators.  View the brushstrokes, lines, colors, forms, and drips that dreams are made of.  Witness the rapid eye movements of living statues.  Enter a dream booth where Dr. Goodweather himself will present you with a virtual dream.  Expose your ears to a live musical battle between dreams and nightmares. Get lost in the magical haze of a show beyond your wildest dreams.  
Art by Andrew Abbott, Seth Dussault, John "Sighless" Supinski, Kevin Gallagher, William Hessian, Baxter Koziol, Bridget McAlonan, Gabrielle McGuire, and Abbeth Russell.
Live music by Wes Covey (The Ten Thousand Things) and Laughing Animal. 
Curated by Abbeth Russell.

The music will last for one night on July 11, but the visual will be on from May 31 to July 15.  Hours are capricious but oh so worth it!
“This isn’t just an art show, it is a full experience.  A collection of dreams brought to life.”  --Sleepwalk Gazette
“An awakening event.”  --The Nightlight Times
view of the show
images by Bridget McAlonan, Andrew Abbott, and Abbeth Russel in this view

The beautiful attic window with
Bridget McAlonan's Gathering

The beautiful attic window with
John "Sighless" Supinski's monster box

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