Friday, May 23, 2014


My studio is often rather full.  This drawing is the beginnings of a new painting.  Behind it and seen in the mirror are other paintings in different stages of completion.  Also seen in that mirror is my big black dog who sits with me in my studio when I work.  When I work with watercolor, my little black and white cat perches on a stool to watch the paint drip down the wall.  Sometimes the animals sit still enough for me to get some drawings in.  It's like a little anatomy refresher course.

 Last night my little black and white cat brought a bird in.  Sigh.

 I am completely torn about letting my cats roam outside.  Cats are responsible for killing millions of song birds a year.  I try to keep mine in, but they scoot out.  Also, they do cut down on some of the mice that live in the walls of my old farmhouse...

 But this is sad.  I have some good anatomy shots for reference and I will incorporate this into the new painting.

Now I will go trim the brush around the feeders drastically back to remove cat cover...
But while you wait, here is a funny bird drawing (to atone for the sad images...):

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