Thursday, August 8, 2013

everything would be all right

For some reason I get weird magazines as gifts.  Let me rephrase that: Folks give me subscriptions to odd magazines as gifts.  Well, perhaps they are not "weird" as not my cuppa.  Except for that they offer excellent fodder for cutting up and making adjustments to the images.

  Not all of the subscriptions are as curious as others...
 In fact, I purposefully seek out National Geographic...
 And sometimes books find their way into my collage materials after the dog has eaten half of the book.
 And by half of the book, I don't mean the first 200 pages of a 400 page novel.
 I mean the bottom half.
And as far as subscriptions go, perhaps you'd like one of my postcard collages.  Get a 3 month subscription to a postcard a month by click this link which will take you to my Etsy shop, Inventing Trees.  Happy subscribing!

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