Friday, May 24, 2013

Life is a Gas at Frank Brockman Gallery

"Life is a Gas" has been hung at Frank Brockman Gallery in Brunswick, Maine.  This lovely gallery at 68 Maine Street has an incredible space on its third floor.  The bones of the building stand out.  The walls are worn.  This offers an excellent canvas for my works from the "Antoinette Gasmask" series and Jessica Beebe's "Last One Standing" series.  

Together these works and this space offer a circular story line about being female in a misogynist culture.  It offers up the defeat of living in a world with microaggressions like the drone on a white noise: you do not realize it is there until it is gone.

Bridget McAlonan
Antoinette Gasmask Study
ink and watercolor
Hours at Frank Brockman Gallery are generally Fridays and some Saturdays and Sundays.  There will be an artists' reception on June 14 from 5 to about 7 in the evening.  The exhibition will run until June 30, 2013.

Information and questions can be found and directed at both artists' respective facebook pages:

Jessica Beebe
Sea Detail
digital photograph

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