Saturday, November 3, 2012

Postcard Preparation

Hey Kids!

I am prepping postcards this weekend to begin creating little collages.  My purpose for the little collages, you ask?

Why simply to send them out to you all!  I am participating in the Snail Mail Event! Bring Back the Stamp! on December 1.  Last time I did this (on September 1) I sent about 30 some postcards ALL over the United States- from North Pole, AK to Aubrey, TX.  This time I would love to make this puppy go international!
So help me!  Send me a message!  Post a comment!  Let me know that you'd like a postcard.  I PROMISE that the ONLY thing your address will be used for is mailing our postcard!

So here's what you do:
Send me a message to with your physical mailing address with the message head "Snail Mail Postcard Request".  Simple.

And remember:  I'd love to receive a postcard/ art-mail from you! If you are mailing things out let me know!

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