Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tentacle Head

It is sunny but snowy and I am lying in my bed.  The room is large and unfinished.  We have been talking to a man who will install an Ikea wardrobe in the room.  He has been calling to come put it up.  But I don’t trust him and haven’t ordered the wardrobe yet. 

I tell my husband that there is no wardrobe and he moves the mattress to show me all the clothes under the bed.  There are no clothes, only paperback novels, a shovel and our daughter’s lost supply of graham crackers.  We are delighted to find the crackers and begin to scoop them up and place them on the table.
It is time to go to work.  We run around the house packing up for the day.  We realize that all the zombies might break things while we are gone.  We quickly build a room to corral them in.  It is during the building that we hear the rumble.
November 27, 2011
The TV announces that the mind control tentacles have taken over.  As the announcer speaks these words, his co-host shoots him in the head and the program switches to football.  We all run to the car.
All fastened into the car, we pull away from the house.  The rumble from the engine and our untentacled brains summons giant tentacles from beneath the house.  It breaks up through the driveway and eyelessly searches for the rumbling noise.  We cut the engine and push the car to the stop sign.  An ambulance races into the driveway.  The EMTs are looking for untentacled individuals that have been reported to Central.  We quietly try to slip past as the EMTs converse with the giant tentacle in the driveway.
We run into a Gender Bender Dancehall.  I am told if I want to be a boy at the dance, then I’ll have to wear a baseball cap.  That’s what boys wear.  I tell the kid at the check in that I have to speak with him.   I think he is safe.  I know him.  He has got to be safe.

I tell him about the thing in the driveway and slipping past the EMTs.  He looks at me and and asks, “Are you unfettered?”
“yes?  I just need to know what is going on here.  Look if you need me to wear a baseball cap to be here I will.”
“Let me help you a little more.” Then he opens his mouth and a wail pours out of it.  A wail like a siren- loud and purposeful.  I run.
I push past everyone and end up in a room full of lawn chairs.  I throw all the chairs to the ground, making passage behind me difficult.  The kids from the dance are moving quickly behind me.  I run out the door and into the car.

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  1. This is a wonderful dream. I wish you could have stayed for the dance. Is this about the demands that are made on you in your life?