Monday, March 7, 2011

March 2011 Drawings: Flying Above Russia

Drawing text reads:

The flamingos were tired of the Queen of Hearts

They had grown weary of these numerous tirades that often ended in one of their necks becoming headless.

Ahhh, those beautiful long necks lost to a temper tantrum.

‘Tis a very sad thing indeed

So they left with their sights tired er um fixed toward their cousin, the firebird.

Flamingos spend days gazing in the cool waters with heads floating in glistening heat.

They forget that Mother Russia is a cold bitch.

So as they flew to visit their fiery cousin…their wings and indeed their hearts iced over…leaving them to fall to the ground far below only to bewilder the comrades that would find their mangled bodies.

Never would the Firebird know that the cousins from warmer climes wished to bask in the icy expanse that is his homeland.

(Note: on March 7, 2011 the bodies of two flamingos were found in Russia with no apparent explanation. This was after several flocks of birds had fallen to the ground in the preceding days.)

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