Saturday, April 10, 2010

Zombie Counting Song

One little zombie chasing after me:
I wacked off its head.
Now, we can flee.

Two little zombies trying to eat us:
If they bite you,
They'll be nothin' to discuss.

Three little zombies moaning for brains:
Plug up your ears,
It'll drive you insane!

Four little zombies eating up brains:
Just chop 'em into bits and
Let 'em dissolve in the rains.

Five little zombies climbing up the stairs:
Put holes in their heads
Don't send up flares.

Six little zombies burning in the sun:
Got no ammo,
Use the butt of that gun.

Seven little zombies with decomposing flesh:
If you hack off its limb,
the blood won’t be fresh.

Eight little zombies with brains that are mush:
You’re undead if they get you.
Don’t hide in a bush.

Nine little zombies closing in fast:
You’re lifetime depends
On how long you can last.

Ten little zombies at the end of it all:
Just swing that bat,
Come on: that head is a ball!

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