Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Insect Goggles, phase 1...

There are many things that I did not plan to do. They were just the logical progression of events that had already taken place. I would believe that my life is fairly logical and rational. How other people think about that is not for me to judge, I’m sure. But…
I did not plan to wander off into the woods. I had no intention of going much beyond the first row of flowers in the garden, the row of flowers that is to ward off insects from the tomatoes and peppers. They can have the peppers. I hate green peppers.
But not the tomatoes. The tomatoes are lovely and a respite in the overwhelming heat of the summer.
I had just planned to peek over the flowers to see if they really worked at warding off the insects. I was wearing my insect goggles. The green ones that have yellow orange glass in them. I get dizzy when I wear them because it makes to many pictures go in front of my eyes and I can’t tell exactly where to go. Sometimes I trip when I wear them. But I had to wear them up to the flowers to see if I would be warded off. I was seeing how insects see, so logically the flowers would think I was a bug. Then I would know that the tomatoes were really safe. If the insects gobbled up all the tomatoes and left only the peppers what would happen to the end of the summer, when the heat got to be like a wet wool sweater… all itchy and stinky and kinda stuck to your clothes and skin and mama won’t let you take it off for fear that you will leave it somewhere because she’s “not gonna carry that thing, too!” Tomatoes were the only good thing about all that.
Oh, but it is just way too hot and difficult now for me to venture any further in this progression. And my head is not quite right because of the goggles and all. I will lie down for a spell and tell you the rest tomorrow.
Come back tomorrow. There will be tomatoes. No peppers, I promise.
Oh, and also wolves. Maybe.

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